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    IE 7 live scrolling mess up screen, chop up components

    calebmei Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have an application that basically have 3 data grids in it. Everything works fine on Safari, IE 6, FireFox, with latest flash player.


      However on IE 7, if I scroll the vertical bar (smooth scrolling), the datagrids and other components will mess up the screen.





      The code is very simple,


         <Vbox id="parent">

         <tabNavigator id="child">

            <VBox id="tables">





      The issues seems like related to how many components that sits in either a tab navigator, or within the view stack.


      Searched everywhere couldn't locate and info.


      Anyone experience similar issue?

      Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot and locate the cause of the issue?


      Really appreciate any suggestion!