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    Should I use a table for thumbnails? [was: Experts,  which is best for me?]

    MichaelCo Level 1

      on some of the pages on my web-siteI am going to have several (perhaps approx 10 pages) with 12 or 15 thumbnail photos on it.


      I am then going to link each thumbnail to another page which will have a larger version of the thumbnail along with a brief description of the photo.

      I am hoping to have all pages taken from a template base with just a header and a navigation bar (pop menu magic from PVII). I want to link the pages with the large photo back to the thumbnails page.

      Before I start on my site, I would be interseted to find out what some of you experts out there would advise with regard setting my site up.


      I know there are horses for courses and many different opinions so i don't think I will get a definitive answer.

      My question is, for my type of site as described above, which is best, Tables, div tags  or both together. i.e. Div tag for header, div tag for nav bar and a table in a div tag.  and your reasons why would be helpful. I know that this has been discussed many times but I want to know answer specifically for my web-site and not which is best generally.


      I hope my question is clear enough and thanks in advance for any feedback.


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