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    Using a Fireworks preloader in Flash, any thoughts?

    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi everyone.


      Chancing my luck here but in the past when I needed advice on a Fireworks problem you have always come through.


      So..........I use FW loads and love it. I recently saw a tutorial on using FW preloaders for Flash projects however it only showed how to get the chosen FW preloader out of FW and into Flash. It wasn't so helpful at making it work with a Flash project????


      I have a post in Flash at the moment and thought I would ask if any of you know or have seen 'anything' on how to use a FW preloader (as they are nice) in Flash?


      Just a chance question as I'm sure many of you use Flash and other Adobe stuff like I do ;-)


      Thanks in advance, P.