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    Sequence Help


      Hey! I am a complete greenhorn as far as video editing. I have been editing with Windows Live Movie Maker, and thats about it - I just started using Premier Pro CS4, and I had a question about sequence. It's kind of like the difference between flying a kite and trying to fly the space shuttle.


      I am working with .mov files that are coming off of a kodak zi8 HD camera. It's definitely not the high end camera that I think most people would use with software like this, but I am lucky.


      The .mov files that come off the camera have these specs:


      Frame width: 1280

      Fram Height: 720

      Data Rate: 6546 kbps

      Total bitrate: 6674 kbps

      Frame Rate: 59 fps


      Audio: 127kbps

      Channels: 2

      Sample Rate: 48 khz


      However, the camera has different settings, so I can shoot at 1080@30 fps, 720@30 fps, 720@60fps (most of my videos)


      Is there a way to create my own sequence so that my output video doesn't look funky? I have tried converting the videos to .avi files so that the framrates sync up a little bit, but the video either looks grainy or wierd. The only thing i know to do is sift through the presets that are already there. I'd love to have a sequence that matches up to my videos..


      I'd love to hear what everyone has to say - thanks in advance for help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Those Kodak cameras must be flying off the shelf.


          For your Sequence, you need to do a Desktop Preset, and then you'll get a dialog screen, where you can fill in/adjust all parameters. Those choice will depend on the choices that you made, while shooting. The camera uses H.264, so you WILL need to have H.264 installed. I believe that CS4 comes with the MainConcept H.264, and it gets high marks usually. Another with good reviews is the one from Lead. Apple's (probably the most common) does not get those same high marks.


          At least you are on PrPro, with the Desktop Sequence Preset, and the ability to set the parameters. The others have been using PrElements, and are basically hosed, without conversion.


          If you need specs. beyond what the Kodak site and manual provide, the free utility G-Spot can fill in the blanks.


          Good luck,




          PS - I have always felt that the term "Desktop," could be more easily understood, if it said "Custom." Also, as you are new to PrPro, here's a link to a great resource for FAQ's, articles and tutorials in the PrPro-Wiki. I also highly recommend Curt Wrigley's book, Classroom in a Book Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, by Adobe Press. He will step you through the complete process of shooting, Importing, editing and outputting your material. He covers both the "how," and also the "why," which is missing from so many books. When you finish the reading and the exercises, you'll be an old hand at PrPro and be able to do almost anything that you would want.