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    Sony HDR-XR200V in Premiere Elements 8


      Last June, my family finally replaced our old Sony DCR-TRV250 with a Sony HDR-XR200V. The only program that actually works with it so far is the Sony Picture Motion Browser that comes with it. I currently use Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 for my video editing (which does not work with the camera), but I am planning on upgrading to Adobe Premiere Elements 8.


      I am wondering if anyone has sucessfully used this video camera  with Premiere Elements, particularly version 8?


      I am planning on using 1080i video (AVCHD (.m2ts)) with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (.ac3)



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          PrE should do fine. You will need to choose the AVCHD Preset to match the camera's footage, with New Project.


          Now, PrE allows one to also use the DD 5.1 SS audio, BUT it cannot Export to DD 5.1 SS. Also, when one is capturing/recording 5.1 SS, a camera is highly deficient *. One really needs six mics, into a mixer, run by a trained audio person, and then recorded to a multi-track recorder. With camera audio, what usually happens is that one records signals, that they really do not want. Test it, and use the DD 5.1 SS Audio setting in the AVCHD Preset, but listen carefully. Then, you will probably want to set the camera to regular stereo, or even add a shotgun mono mic, and go with that audio - can be mapped to 2-channel with Fill Left/Fill Right.


          Next, to edit AVCHD, you WILL need a stout computer. It is a demanding format/CODEC, and a Quad-core CPU is the minimum recommended. Many feel that a very fast i7 is the minimum. Regardless, the more CPU power, the better.


          Good luck,




          * I feel that the addition of DD 5.1 SS Audio in any camera is really only a marketing ploy. Like I mentioned above, any camera will just be picking up signals that are unwanted. Good 5.1 is part art, part science and part magic. Recording it from one location will not recreate the "sound stage." Also, the lack of DD 5.1 SS Export from PrE is another reason to not use it. Most spend hours trying to eliminate signals that get in the way. Even PrPro requires a US$200 Minnetonka SurCode plug-in to Export DD 5.1 SS. Trust me on this, 5.1 is great, and I use it all of the time, but recording it from the camera is NOT the way to record it. Using six specialized, well-place mics, and separate recording is the only way to go. Also, the on-site mixing is highly important. On-camera will never give you what the brochures indicate. The feeling in marketing is, "hey, both DVD-Video and BD support DD 5.1 SS, so let's use that to sell these cameras." To me, that is a horrible move, but I am not in marketing for Sony, Canon, or the rest.

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