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    Can't Install Adobe Air on Windows XP SP3

    charanjeet_singh Level 1

      Every time I attempt to Run the AbodeAIRInstaller, it gives me an error, saying that it has encountered a problem and needs to close.

      I have SP3, and am the administrator since this is the only account on the computer.


      I'm not sure if there's anything I need to do prior to downloading this. This is the first time I've attempted to download AIR. I have all other free products but this one.


      Performed all the troubleshooting steps like Uninstalling through Windows Installer Clean Up Utility , again getting the same error on installing.


      When I right-clicked the installer for Adobe AIR, I noticed there was an "unblock" option at the bottom that most newly downloaded i
      tems have to "protect" your computer. After clicking unblock, I can't even "run" the program. As soon as I double-click the installe
      r, it gives the Windows Error (crash) saying that the program needs to close and I can Send or Don't Send the error report. Before u
      nblocking, I was able to actually press "Run" or "Cancel".




      I have absolutely no idea why I can't install Adobe Air, of all programs... If there's a possible conflicting program, or if I need
      to have all current Windows updates (I haven't updated in a long time, but it's all security things, so I don't think that matters),
      or if I need the Flex program for you to troubleshoot, I'll do it. This whole thing is just really frustrating me.