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    Flash CS4 Irregular FPS


      When I hit enter to play back my animation, it does not play at the 30 FPS at which I set it to. Instead, it ranges from about 15-20 FPS randomly going up and down throughout the whole animation. When I publish the animation as a .swf, it plays back just fine, at the normal speed. Just wondering why it's doing this, it was fine before.

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          This is usual for flash if the animaton is complex - sometimes the CPU cannot display it smoothly. You shouldn't worry if the exported swf plays fine. Locking all layers may (but not guaranteed) help a bit.




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            waterdad568 Level 3

            Are you running any other, or multiple programs at the same time you are running the swf file, or that boot at startup? I'm presuming you are either testing locally or running it after publishing? Have you tried running the file on another machine?


            It sounds like based on your description, if the swf plays fine once uploaded, and or on other machines, that your taxing your processor.


            Try this, if you are using Windows OS, open your task manager, either from control panel, or Ctrl+Alt+Delete, in the programs tab look to ssee what programs are currently running, close all but flash, then go to the processes tab, run the file, and look to see what programs or processes are using the most processor, if you see a program/process that is using a good deal of memory while running the swf, try closing that program and re-running the swf, check memory usage again.


            Have you run a disc cleanup recently? Run disc cleanup and check off and delete everything listed, or at least try clearing all your caches also, and after, while your at it, defrag your disc.

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              pvtryaan Level 1

              Thanks, guys, that makes perfect sense, seeing as how I was running Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, as well as a few other cpu-hogging apps at the same time.

              Edit: Does/can Flash use my graphics card to enhance it?, because it would be really nice to put my gts 250 to work...

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                waterdad568 Level 3

                I'm not sure what you mean... your card should be currently rendering if it is installed, is your drive partitioned or do you have an option somehow to use multiple cards?


                Lastly, if the display works fine now rendering swf graphics as intended without distortion, at normal rendering CPU availability, I'm not sure how you could improve upon it, unless for example it is not diplaying colors properly, is pixelating somehow, or your intention is to use an HD display or the like.

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                  pvtryaan Level 1

                  Yeah that's why I said does, in case it already is using my card...

                  I just wasn't sure if Flash uses the graphics card or not.