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    *Flash CS4*  I need help...

    Mr. Snickers

      OK, so...I tried to download a trial of Flash CS4 on my parent's laptop.  I got as far as saving the AkamaiDownloadManagerInstaller to the computer's desktop, but when I click on the link (or whatever) it says "a program needs your permission to continue."  I clicked "Continue," and it shows a loading bar for just a split second, but then goes away.  Uh...I don't know much about computers, so please try to use *small words* when telling me what to do.  My parents have a Toshiba Windows 7 (I think) Laptop.


      Thanks for your help

      Mr. Snickers

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have your own account separate from your parents, it is possible you do not have priviledges to install programs.

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            i recently downloaded trails of flash cs4 and web premium package cs4 (took a day to download at high speed starbuck's internet). couldnt get the setup.exe to work or the uninstaller to work. surfing tech support over next couple weeks to try various agents was useless and expensive until i finally reached someone with useful info. all the agents had foriegn accents and read from scripts and web support pages until yesterday, when i reached a guy who told me two things i'll report to various forums addressing this same issue:


            1. download windows uninstaller program from their website (google: windows ininstaller). this program is different from the one that doesnt work in the programs and features area of control panel when you try to uninstall adobe products from there.


            2. windows explorer 8, the newest version, DOES NOT download adobe softare properly and leaves things out, causing all sorts of issues including the setup.exe program not working. download firefox browser from mozella (google: firefox) and use it for all adobe downloads. apparently the old windows explorer 7 will work, but if you already have explorer 8 installed its easiest to just use firefox.


            i'm spending the next couple days downloading the 4.14 G web premium trail with firefox and will report if this works.