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    Flash player spyware

    WRFan1 Level 1

      Sometimes when I login into windows, I get a popup that says "new version of flash available. do you want to download now?" How the hell is flash player able to determine there is a new version available? No adobe programmes are running in startup on my computer, I checked. I have a firewall, but this doesn't stop flash from going on the internet and checking. So I assume it simply uses the ocx control built into the IE to access the net (since IE is obviously allowed to access the net) and silently checks the adobe site for updates. What kind of customer policy is this? This is spyware behaviour and completely unacceptable!


      Also, flash automatically updates its activex control even if I say "don't update!" I checked the file on hard disc and the version of the flash activex control increased. I suddenly had flash 10 on my harddisc instead of the previous v.9 control. I specifically told you NOT to update! But as I said, this isn't the real problem. The problem is that flash connects to the developer site and bypasses the firewall. This is similar to other "legitimate allegedly non-spyware" programmes like Opera that silently add themselves to the windows firewall exception and if you delete the rules, they do it again. and again.


      I now uninstalled all adobe programmes from my computer, no spyware for me, thank you very much. I just ripped the ocx activex and registered just this one file on both my winxp and vista systems. Now let's see if the activex control by itself will connect to adobe as well. If it does I will unregister it as well! What's the purpose of flash anyway? I've been using the net since 1997 and I swear to God, in this whole time, I haven't seen a single useful flash object anywhere! And since I killed pretty much every bit of advertisement on the internet, I haven't seen a single flash object for years. Which just confirms my theory that flash is used solely for ad display. I don't even know why I keep it installed, for God's sake. I hope Silverlight kills you and your entire company! At least Silverlight doesn't try to silently access the MS page. Yes, MS cares about customer privacy and you don't.