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    Problem with Datagrid itemrenderer with a Datagrid


      Hi all,


      I have this kind of a structure. I try to use a datagrid item renderer in a data grid column. However when I try to move rows inside the same datagrid I experience a problem. When my datagrid loads first it seems correct, but when I drag and drop a row in the same datagrid inner datagrids start to be drew in wrong rows. I checked the DB but there are no mistakes in DB records. Problem is with rendering. I suppose inner datagrids trying to draw to early or datagrid component is trying to reuse the itemrenderer. I could not find any solutions for that. Any help will be greatly appreciated..


      <mx:DataGridColumn width="130" editable="false" 
                headerText="{resourceManager.getString('resources', 'acl.content')}">
                          <ACLInnerDataGrid rowCount="3"     dragEnabled="true"     dropEnabled="false" 
                          x="0" y="0"     editable="true" dragInitiatorId="catGrid" 
                          filterGroupName="content" remoteDestination="zend" 
                          remoteSource="ACLFilterParamService" showHeaders="false" 
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="id" editable="false" visible="false"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="ruleId" editable="false" visible="false"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="filterKey" editable="false" visible="false"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="param" editable="false" visible="false"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="name" editable="true"/>


      Thanks in advance.