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    After Effects Presets Mac


      Uhm i have have a question: I just made a new admin account on Mac OSX. But after i did that, i tried opening After Effects and got something about license and restart, so i restarted. But it didn't work, so i reinstalled After Effects and i could open it as normal. BUT now i can't find the Presets folder in /Applications/After Effects/. I tried looking in documents but didn't find an adobe folder there either. I REALLY need a Presets folder so that i can add my VideoCoPilot .ffx files in there. PLEASE HELP

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Applications:Adobe:After Effects CS4:Support Files:Presets. If not there, feel free to create one. That would still indicate that something went wrong during install, though. Did you uninstall correctly? Run the CS4 Clean Script?



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            I don't actually know if i did a correct uninstall. I just double clicked the "Uninstall" and wrote in my Username and Password. Then it didn't like start opening a script or something, so i just restarted my computer, and when i looked in /Programs, After Effects wern't there. Another thing that is killing me is that if i go into After Effects and go to Effects and Presets and right-click and select "Browse Effects and Presets" or something, it don't open Bridge and let's me find text effects. Now after i tried looking in the directories and if it isn't another way i'll have to format my harddrive. That's how important my After Effects Presets are. :/