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    Multiple search functions.


      Hi there, first post on these forums as ive had no success on foreign boards asking questions


      This is a simple task im sure just getting confused and cant find an example.


      Im looking to have


      1. a text box for search input

      2. a drop down box to use to search by what type

      3. a search button

      4. a datagrid to display data.


      I have used flash builder to create services based on my database and customised them so I have GetFilesByID / ByArtist / ByFilename etc...


      Is this rite? what do I bind to what? what calls the services?


      Im sure this is simple enough im just very unfamiliar with all this


      If anyone could provide me a quick example id be over joyed


      Kindest Regards~

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          Sameer Bhatt Adobe Employee

          You can start by following these steps -

          1. Binding the search operation like getFilesByID to the search Button.Do this by -

          Dragging-droping the getFilesByID() method from the Data/Services Panel to the Button in the Design View.


          Context-clicking on the Button on the Design-View and selecting Generate Service Call.

          The view will switch to the code-view with the parameters string highlighted. Enter the parameter from the text box or the combo box like textBox.text or combo.selectedItem

          2. Then, context-click on the DataGrid and select Bind to Data. In the Bind to Data Dialog, select the Existing Service Call Radio button and select getFiledByIDResult.


          Now, whenever you click the search button, the DataGrid will be populated with the result of the search operation.