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    'Parameter is incorrect' after saving a .fla


      I'd been using flash cs4 fine for a few weeks before this happened but in the last few days whenever i save a file i'm working on i can no longer preview it (by preview i mean ctrl + enter) my cursor turns to the symbol to show it's working for a few moments but once i move the mouse this goes back to being my normal cursor. Whenever i try and publish a file i get the error "Parameter is incorrect". Before i save the work the file previews fine and even blank documents that i start and immediately save will not allow me to preview or publish them following the save


      I'm running w7 64bit on a quad core with 4gb ram. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this hasn't helped. My flash professional cs4 is also fully updated.


      I've attached one of my .fla files that to me i can't use properly anymore, it's just a basic animation of squares forming the words 'enemy down' on a black background. I'd be interested if anyone else can preview/ publish it to .swf without difficulty.



      Thanks for reading