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    Fading Two sides of a video, and in between Two at the same time?


      I'm terribly sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search but I couldn't find a similar question so again, I apologize. 


      Could someone tell me how to do these things?:


      I have a split screen video (I know how to do that), and I want to fade one side out to black, and fade it back in throughout

      the video. 


      Also, if I have one video (not split screen, just one fullscreen video), fade it between two videos (so that you can see both videos at the same time for a bit, kind of "ghost like", and then it will eventually transition to the other video).  This effect is used in a lot of music videos, or Especially in a movie when time is passing by (like years) or there is a "flashback".  You can see two videos at the same time on top of one another.


      Again, sorry for the trouble, but if anyone has an answer thank you in advance!