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    Thumb in scrollbar disappears when running project....




      I have a problem with the scrollbar. I edited a few parts into a horizontal scrollbar. When I my artwork (pictures) into a datalist and I run the project, everything runs well...but when I click on one of the pictures and check it as the repeated item within the datalist and I run the problem again, the thumb on my scrollbar disappeared!!!

      Only the track is visible...how is this posible?


      Can somebody help?


      Thanx in advance, michel.

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          wadedwalker Level 3

          Without having your project I cant help you too much but I can give suggestions on things to look for. You will want to make sure all the states are set up correctly. Here is how it should all be organized:


                                          DATA LIST COMPONENT


                Repeated Item Component    +    Scroll Bar Component

                        |                                                    |

          Repeated Item(s)                   Thumb + Track [+ Up(left) Arrow + Down(right) Arrow]


          You will need to check each state of those components to make sure there isnt a state where the thumb is gone. For example, the Scroll Bar component has a few states and one of them could have the thumb turned off or the Thumb Button component itself could have a state where the shape/image is turned off. Here is a list of all the states of each component:


          Data List - Normal, Disabled

          Repeated Item - Normal, Over, Selected

          Scroll Bar - Normal, Disabled, Inactive


          Thumb/Track/Arrows - Up, Over, Down, Disabled

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            acath Level 4

            Hi Michel,


            Note that the scrollbar has 3 states: Normal, Inactive, and Disabled. Inactive is when there is not enough stuff to need scrolling - i.e. when the stuff is smaller than the window that it's in. In the inactive state, the scrollbar's thumb automatically disappears.