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    Css layouts ?


      I don't know if there is a pat answer to this ? or not. I have been searching for one and can't find one

      Of the different kinds of css layout fixed,fluid, liquid etc etc...... whitch one would be best to use for a particular type of website. Examples: website  that is mostly graphics, website that is mostly text & links, ones that target spacific audiences,visually impared etc... It seems to me that somewhere, soneone would come up with a list of recomended layouts for different types of sites . There probably is one and I just haven't found it. If anybody knows of one please let me know.



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          May I recommend a CSS site I starting using several years ago to

          learn about CSS;



          The owners are very friendly and will respond to questions.

          I have no affiliation with this site.

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            martincou Level 3

            This question doesn't have a single answer ... It depends of designer's skills, time constraints, support ( ex: mobile).


            Adaptive layout take more time to develop (production costs higher).


            In the web of today (and tommorow!), the number of support and screen will grow more and more, so it's always a good thing to learn how to implement all of these techniques.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have to agree with Martin C on this because just as there are no two designers who "think" alike, there are no one-size fits all answers to this question.


              Fluid (percentage based), elastic (em based) and fixed (pixel based) sites all have their plusses and minuses.  Deciding which one is appropriate for your particular project depends on the amount of content you need to display per page, target audience, devices, and personal preferences.


              Liquid layouts can get unwieldy on super wide or super narrow displays. Thus, if I have a lot of content to display,  I prefer to use a semi-liquid layout - % based along with min- and max-width restrictions.


              Elastic sites resize text and images proportionally which some people really like. Personally I prefer being able to resize text only in my browser without it affecting page and image dimensions.  That said, elastic layouts can work well for graphics heavy web sites.


              Fixed-width, centered layouts IMO are the most convenient to work with.  I think that's why so many web designers use them.  The trick is finding the "right width" for your target audience.  For most desktop and laptop users, 900 to 1100px is probably a good range.  For mobile devices, 600px.



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                M.R.Biesheuvel Level 3

                A nice book is


                CSS Mastery

                Advanced Web Standards Solutions

                ISBN 1-59059-614-5