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    Optimizing for AVCHD editing


      I am trying to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.0 for my editing from Final Cut Pro but working with AVCHD files is a real bear. I don't mind so muc having to initially Render the Work Area in order to make editing smoother, but every minor edit requires you to re-render the clip, which for me averages 10 minutes. If I have to do this 5-6 times per video, I have added an hour of waiting around to my workflow. Are there any settings, preferences, or best practices for working with AVCHD files that would help make this process closer to the experience I have with Final Cut Pro? I am not opposed to even converting the videos to a different format if that would help so long as it doesn't dramatically affect the workflow time. Right now we would rather spend money on a high end PC than on a high end Mac, but if we can't make editing easier on a PC we will be forced to stick with Final Cut Pro.