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    Full screen playing of video from camera on laptop


      This is not a Premiere-related question, but I'd be grateful if anyone can help.


      I have a Sony laptop on which I used to play video from my Canon MiniDV camcorder full-screen while showing it - full screen - to others via a projector.  I've just loaded Windows 7 and therefore no longer have Sony's DVgate plus which I used to use for this.  Well, I still have the DVgate plus files, but the laptop is now no longer recognised by them as being a Sony, so they won't function.  I have tried everywhere to get DVgate plus downloads, to no avail.  Sony seem only to give out DVgate plus with new machines.


      Can anyone tell me how I can get DVgate plus, or recommend another prograame I can download - preferably free, of course, but cheap would do.


      It's essential I see the image full screen on my laptop and via projector.


      Many thanks in advance.