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    Error opening file - file is busy (delete) (-47)    Why?


      I am trying to render and generate an animated GIF, in AE CS4.   When I kick off the render queue, I receive the following error:

      "After Effects error:  opening file: "<filename>" - file is busy (delete) (-47).     (3::130)


      Per information in other threads/forums, I have changed my cache disks,  changed the location that the output should go to (new folder, completely different disk),   I have shut down and restarted the program, again per other suggestions.


      If I render as a Windows VIdeo (AVI) rather than an Animated GIF it works fine.


      If I launch AE to "Run As Administrator", it works fine, and appears to render the Animated GIFs fine.  My user account has admin privs, btw.


      Seems that this might be a bug, since I can render anything BUT Animated GIFS without having to "Run As Admin".


      Anyone else seen this?



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          KatzInAz2 Level 1

          Well, I was a bit early on the "Run as Admin" thing.  The error is still happening.


          I can consistently stop the error from happening by FIRST rendering as an AVI, and then SECOND rendering the same thing as the Animated GIF.


          Very wierd.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            GIF rendering is handled via an old, old Quicktime thing, so some issues are to be expected. In your case it's probably a problem with reserving the space on the disk before the actual rendering begins. Hard to tell. Have you tried rendering to other locations? Also, since it ends up as a GIF, it may be under supervision of some virus scanner or security tool that interferes. Mmh, I don't realyl have anything to offer beyond that, but for quality reasons you should avoid rendering GIFs directly from AE anyway. Render a MOV and run it through Photoshop Extended or tools like Ulead GIF Animator...