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    z-index on hyperlinks

    nemci7v Level 1

      I found that elements with links don't work when z-indexed behind anther div.


      I have it like this..


      a hyperlinked title in an h1 tag


      and below that is some text (that also contains 1 hyperlink - but works)


      for the title div I have


      .title {



      and for the div containing the text,


      .text {
      z-index: 1;



      The reason I put the title behind is because it's using cufon fonts and somehow overlaps the text below it and at the same time I'm trying to keep the line height between them minimal. The text below also contains a hyperlink so I'm trying to get both links to work.


      the HTML is


      <div class="title">
      <h1><a href="url">Link text</a></h1>
      <div class=text">
      some text <a href="url">Link text</a>


      Any suggestions please?