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    Missing the <div> tag button ??


      I am going quite crazy here, trying to insert a <div> tag..... I am still a beginner, learning to work with CSS, etc. My tutorial now wants me to insert a div tag via either:


      * Insert Div Tag button in the Common category of the Insert bar/panel

      * or use Insert > Layout Objects > Div Tag


      Now: If I go to INSERT on the top of the page, there is no LAYOUT OBJECTS to choose from.....


      I have finally located what I think is the Insert Panel and even the Common category there, but there is no "insert div tag" button (only, insert image, insert rollover image, insert table all the way to insert generator).


      Am I missing something? Am I in the wrong "view" somehow? Do I need to buy an add-on?? What is wrong?


      Thanks for your replies!