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    Illustrator Basic


      I just downloaded the illustrator trial and I lost the toolbar on the left of the screen.


      How do i get it back?

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          Junk Mailer Level 3

          Go to the "Window" menu at the top of your screen and select "Tools".



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            PM123ABC Level 1

            Under the Window menu i only have the following:

                 New Window


                 Application Frame

                 Application Bar






            No Tool. Could it be cause Im work on a mac?

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              PM, or ABC,


              You may close down Illy, and then during startup press Cmd+Option+Shift.

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                PM123ABC Level 1

                Something must be wrong with my computer or software. maybe its the trial version.

                thanks for the help.


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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Resetting the preferences alone will not help.



                  You have done one of two things you either tried t make an alias of the applications icon for launching Illustrator without having to navigate each time to
                  the illustrator folder. But what happened instead you made a duplicate of the application outside of the Illustrator folder. What went wrong is hat you only held down the option key while dragging the icon. That makes a copy if you want to make an alias you have to hold down both the Option and Command keys while dragging.


                  Or you moved the Illustrator application out of the Adobe Illustrator folder.This is the only ways this will happen.


                  Other user s have tried to stump the panel by denying that this took place or have made the copy to the desktop on purpose this time and had linked that to an icn in the dock.


                  Still the same thing.


                  To fix it all you do is trash what was supposed to be an alias  and make a proper one using command + option keys this time or if you moved the publication out of the folder move it back.You might want to also trash your settings folder in your users preferences, but it is more than likely not necessary to reset the preferences.

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                    PM123ABC Level 1

                    Mr. Zimmerman,

                    Thanks a lot I think I could have some fun with my trial run of illustrator. I will be learning the program at school starting tomorrow. I just wanted to get a head start. I have used it in previous projects at school, but ill have a better structure in class.