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    Any way to make a perpetual/endless/borderless/infinite/wraparound canvas?


      Hi All,


      Hopefully in Illustrator, but if not then in any other software...


      Does anybody know how to make a perpetual/endless/borderless/infinite/wraparound canvas?  What I mean is that, I want to design a pattern... one that can be output to a roll, so it can be printed endlessly... let say, for example, onto a bed sheet or shower curtain.  With hard-edge bordered canvases, it is MUCH harder to make a pattern where it isn't hard to tell where the start and finish edges are.  On the other hand, in my concept of a endless canvas, I could draw clear out to the right edge of the screen, and when I continued drawing past the right border, it would draw past a dotted line indicating that I've overrun the right page border, and simultaneously be drawing that stuff on the left side of my canvas.



      Please lemme know if it's not clear from what I'm saying here..., maybe I need to draw it out for y'all?