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    Overlapping SWF.

    waterdad568 Level 3

      I am attempting to create a flip book, I have an swf that contains a writing animation, the problem I'm having is as the pen writes on the page, parts of it fall off the stage/page as it migrates right. I am limited to a certain page size, and the swf is same size to fill it. so for example the swf is on page 1, then page 2 for all intents and purposes is another stage to the right, a seperate container entirely, the write swf on the left, and a blank page lets say on the right. Ultimately what I would like to achieve, is to have the part of the pen that falls off the first swf, continue onto the second swf on page 2, creating a seamless complete image of the pen. Or make the swf into a larger size that would cover all of page one, and a portion of page two (enough to display the whole pen, but would somehow need to be split into two containers.


      Is it possible to split a single swf into two containers, or to create two stages in the same swf?


      Otherwise it seems I would have to take the portion of the pen that falls of and manually cut crop each frame of the pen tip to the second swf, then align and sync the two swf's on each page. That would be tough to do on hundreds of frames let alone sync the images and complicated animation to look as one.


      In the included rough beta swf the stage is essentially the backgound, you should see where the tip of the pen falls off the background.


      Any thoughts?