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    Problems with sound sync for HDV import (MPEG file)

    andrewbt Level 1

      I've imported a one hour tape from my Sony HDR-HC3 (HDV import), and within a few minutes the sound and video get out of sync when I play it.  I have elements v4 and also tried version 8 (trial) which was better but still a second out of sync vs 4-5 seconds for v4.  The imported files for both versions both play perfectly in Windows Media player with no sync problems.


      I'm running on Windows 7 64 bit with 4GB ram and a 4 core AMD processor which isn't struggling.  In searching the web I've seen some old workaround solutions for similar problems which involved deinstalling quicktime, installing streamclip and a quicktime alternative and then converting the files imported by Elements.  I am hoping there is a more straightforward solution within Elements which avoids having to go through this workaround.


      Has anyone had this problem and solved it?