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    Delay in NetGroup connections


      I've been working through the various samples I've seen on the net (and that I've obtained in your session at MAX 09) about connecting to Stratus.  Everything seems to work great, but for some odd reason, it takes a VERY long time for clients to connect to eachother.


      The NC connection to Stratus takes about 2 seconds or so, as to be expected.  The connection works well.


      The NS/NG connection to the server takes about 2 seconds as well, which is also a good time.  I am able to immediatly to post data to the group...  However, nobody in the group seems to get it.  About 5 - 300 seconds later (this number is highly variable, even on the same machine, network connection, etc), I get a neighbor to connect and then from that point on, all connections are fine.  For example, a trace of my NetStatusEvents that come in :


      Attempting connection to stratus://83e81d742a65f91695xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

      [09:57:15 AM] NetConnection.Connect.Success

      Connected to NetConnection server... Ready for connections

      [09:57:17 AM] NetGroup.Connect.Success

      Connected to the Group MAIN

      sending message to NetGroup : [object UserFinder]

      10:01:15 AM NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect

      10:01:15 AM NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect

      10:01:16 AM NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect

      10:01:18 AM NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect


      There dosen't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the delay.  As I said, as soon as the neighbors connect, everything seems to be just fine, and pretty speedy.  There are no firewalls between these devices, and regular RTP traffic seems to be passing through ok.  The connection method is as follows :


      groupInfo =

      new GroupSpecifier('com.xxx.xxx.rooms.'+GroupName);



      groupInfo.serverChannelEnabled =



      netGroup =

      new NetGroup(netConnect, groupInfo.groupspecWithAuthorizations());

      netGroup.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler);


      Is there anything that can be done to make this connection timer to be more reliable and/or consistant?  All clients are using the 1-15-10 AIR 2.0 runtime.     Thanks!!

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          Anders Gunnarsson

          I also had a problem recognizing new naighbours,

          but could speed it up by posting a lot of messages from each user.


          I also have set

          gs.multicastEnabled = true;


          But sending messages and streaming audio still laggs a lot for me.

          Streaming audio laggs with 2-3 seconds.

          And messages with 0.5 sek.


          This is trying on my own computer with two browser windows.

          I'm behind a firewall, but don't know if that matters as I'm getting through,

          but it's just slow.

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            Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

            the initial connection to Stratus shouldn't take 2-3 seconds to come up in normal circumstances.  the worst case *should* be four round-trip times to our data center before you get NetConnection.Connect.Success.


            possible explanations for a delay like that include being about 90,000 miles away from Los Angeles, California, USA, Earth (unlikely), or having a heavily congested network path between you and Los Angeles, or a network path with considerable packet loss, or you are using a TURN proxy.  certain fussy firewalls may fight with the aggressive parallel-open technique RTMFP uses to establish connections, which could cause session startup delays (or occasionally causes sessions to not start at all).


            large round-trip times or heavy congestion or packet loss between you and Stratus could also account for difficulty in establishing P2P connections -- especially the first bootstrap connections to a group.  members of groups gossip amongst themselves about other members and automatically make new connections using as much locally-derived information as possible before asking for help from the server (Stratus).  that can explain a large delay for getting the first NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect, but then a rapid flurry of new neighbors shortly after that (once the members can start gossiping about each other).


            finally, the logging output you included shows "Attempting connection to stratus://83e81d742a65f91695xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx".  i assume you're not trying to use "stratus://83e81d742a65f91695xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" as the NetConnection.connect() URI, but actually "rtmfp://stratus.adobe.com/83e81d742a65f91695xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx", since the former shouldn't work at all.



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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              posting messages won't speed up neighbor connections.


              streaming audio/video in a group (multicast) is expected to lag by several seconds with the default settings.  postings are expected to have a .25 to .5 second delay.



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                QueTwo Level 1



                I think I found the timing issue in creating the connection to the bootstrap server -- I was using a callLater() function to create it, and there was something chewing up the frame's thread for a moment.


                In my lab that I've been testing with, we have a single firewall (NetScreen 25GT), while attempting for the bootstrap server to find three machines behiend this firewall, which is acting as a NAT.  There are no rules in place that should be blocking the traffic (and the firewall is not reporting that it is blocking anything, but I wouldn't take that as gospel).  The three machines we are testing with are a Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.6, and a Windows XP SP3 (all running the same AIR 2 runtime)


                What we have found is if we are creating a new group, it takes forever, but if that group is already functioning, most of the clients connect fairly quickly (although the Mac client still can take 30+ seconds).  We see this most often in our testing because we will create an .AIR file, deploy on our lab, and run them nearly at the same time. 


                You are correct in the stratus:// in the log file... we are actually connecting to the Adobe Stratus server (we store this in a var, in hopes that one day we will be able to use our internal FMS server to bootstrap the clients).


                Thanks for the help!