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    Cannot save  rendered HiDef project Windows 7 64 bit


      Windows 7 64 bit, clean install and only hotfixes applied, quicktime and Microsoft security essentials antivirus.
      Auto analyzer CPU hog turned off
      Elitenotebook Core 2 P9600 2.67GHz, 8GB RAM, 200 GB HD
      Nvidia driver latest driver as of Feb 05 Quadro w/ CUDA
      source files MOV  720p from canon SD780
      Project 16 min 720p NTSC
      Premiere Elements 8

      1)project keeps rendering same clips every time it is opened. After project is saved and reopened the same clips needs to be rendered every time. Apparently rendering work cannot be saved.

      2)TIFF files cannot be added to the project. TIFFs are panoramic done in Photoshop elements and are 10 to 40 MB.

      3)Premiere alerts of a low memory resource (task manager shows only 30% of memory being utilized) and crashes after a couple of hours editing.


      any solution?