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    Animation Presets for Colorama Effect Not Showing...Need Help! (:


      I'm going through Chad Perkins's "The After Effects Illusionist" book and there is a section on the Colorama effect.  In his example, he has a "ton" of animation presets to choose from, like: "Alpha Ramp", "Ramp Red", "Fire", etc... while I only have one to choose from "Germs" in my copy of After Effects CS4.  I have After Effects CS3 installed on my machine and it's the exact same thing.  Which means its "probable" that I didn't delete any presets since the locations of the anmiation presets for different versions reside in different locations.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  Is there a Goodies folder with AE that comes with the installation disc that might have this?  I don't have the discs with me.  I appreciate any help.




      Jackson Hunt