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    Is this possible

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      I want to create a simple upload form that will be used to update 1
      file....BUT i dont want to depend on the person to name the file
      correctly... i just want to give them the option to upload the file and over
      write the old file..

      Its just a PDF file with a specific name... ( dont have time to recode the
      pages to display dynamically based on uploaded file )

      So my question is.. can i build a upload page that specfically replaces that
      one PDF with what they select to upload and rename it to the current file


      Site = myfile.pdf

      Upload Form = Ability to select a file to upload and click on upload button
      ( file name selected to upload is myotherfile.pdf )

      Upload process renames that file to myfile.pdf and replaces the existing

      Right now its a manual process for me.. they send me the file, i upload it
      to the server and replace the old file.. all manually

      ASP, SQL2005, DW8 VBScript