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    How to create these shapes in photoshop?


      For my PhD research, I would like to construct 3 kinds of images on  photoshop. I want to transfer it to the piece of glass where I will  conduct some experiments.  If you please help me to construct such kind  of images on photoshop, I will remain thankful to you:

      Image 1:
      This is non uniform kind of a pattern in which different shapes of  pentagons/ hexagons etc are situated at different intervals.

      Image 2:
      This is the regular pattern. I dont know how to create it. Also if I can  change the thickness of the black shade, what I need to do?

      Image 3:

      This is a pattern in which we want to connect the different size balls  to the neighbouring ball. Please note that the thickness of the line is  varying and the size of the balls is also different... Please note also  that I want to populate this configuration randomly.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          They are probably all better done in Illustrator first.


          I will post some examples of what you might do tomorrow.


          For instance though not quit right the technique is good.


          1. I drew a rectangle with gray fill no stroke.


          2 Then rasterized the rectangle


          3. Applied a Object>Object to Mosaic and chose to delete the raster


          4 Applied a roughen effect to it


          5. expanded the object and made some manual moves for some of the resulting objects


          6 Made a black rectangle large enough to encompass the art and sent it to the back


          7 I selected all and with the pathfinders minus the front.

          and used it for a clipping mask


          8. Made another rectangle


          You can now probably bring this into Photoshop and so some more work on it and you are fine.


          Now you will have to experiment with the adjustments for the Mosaic and the roughen and might want to add an effect or two.


          Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 12.27.24 AM.png


          Oh yes I also used the alignment panel to redistribute the objectsI am not certain that is hepful.



          I may have gone too far with the roughen filter.

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            Zeeshan.M Level 1

            Thanks for the reply... Actually I am very new to this package can you please elaborate the proceedure in more simple words?

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              I will try to do so tomorrow but it takes pratice and experimentation and since this is fr your PHD I think yu will have to learn to make this happen yourself.

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                Zeeshan.M Level 1

                Yah this is just a begining. These pattern are few of the patterns I need to generate which will require a lot of effort but I am begineer so I need your help. Furthermore I am doing PhD in petroleum engineering and therfore I dont know much about the computer stuff. I am very new to this business and thus I stuggle to plot a single line.


                If you can help me to sort out this problem I will be realy thankful to you.