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    Flash Help

      Hi - this is likely the simplest question you'll get asked but I'm a newbie. How do I modify the hover over text box, such as the color and font in this box. Here's what I'm trying. From the WYSIWYG page I've underlined a word in the text and clicked the hyperlink. I've added Screen Tip Text and selected the topic. The hover over appears to be working but I'd like to make a couple of changes to the look. Also, as long as I'm at it, I get the same dialog box if I select a popup or a hyperlink. Can you tell me the difference.

      Please don't laugh - I don't work with any other experts and not sure to ask even the simple questions.

      Your help is appreciated.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kathleen and welcome to the RH community. No one on these forums would dare laugh at you as they would remember back in the good old days when they too were in your shoes. Your problem can be fixed by editing your style sheet. You can find this in the Project tab in the Style Sheets folder. Double click on the file and it opens in an editor. In there you'll find a series of styles (e.g. Hyperlink visited, hyperlink hovered, etc.) that controls the behaviour of your link. Click on the Modify button and change away.
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            KathleenOlsen Level 1
            Many thanks for your help here. I have managed to change the color the hyperlink changes to when the hover over is engaged with the mouse by changing this through the style sheet. However, I can't determine where I change the actual text box that the text is written in. Would I find this in the style sheet list as well.

            Thank you.