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    File is locked, then disappears




      I am in the process of rebuilding multiple sites and am running into a problem.


      At the most basic level, desiging a simple index.html page to use as the base for all other pages, twice the page has locked; I was asked if I wanted to rename the file; then, disappeared.


      The first time, I did not rename the file, I didn't think there was a need to do that; I was wrong, because my work disappeared.


      The second time, I did rename the file; however, I can't keep doing this.


      A few sites have over a hundred pages and although the other sites are smaller, this shouldn't be happening.


      I am new to Dreamweaver and have been using FrontPage for nearly a decade.


      I am using Dreamweaver CS4 and the OS is Vista Home Premium.


      I am in the habit of viewing my pages in the browser, locally; I use IE 8.0.6 and FireFox 3.5.7.


      The first time the page disappeared I had already viewed it in IE multiple times and once I viewed it in FireFox, it locked, then disappeared.


      The second time, about an hour ago, I had only used IE to view the local copy.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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          370H55V Level 4

          Files can be locked when they are set to be checked in or out (see article http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/188/tn_18857.html) and that is usually only when putting or retrieving them & when working on the server side. You only mention viewing the local copies of files, so this sounds more like a rights issue in WIndows. (If so, see this article http://forums.adobe.com/thread/416038)

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            Tapestry203 Level 1

            Hi CowboyInAZ,


            Thank you for your reply, but  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/416038 did not offer any help.


            I did not check in or check out any files, so the other link did not relate.  I am only working on my local machine, Vista Home Premium; I don't even have the FTP setup yet for this site.  Everything is being tested locally.


            Dreamweaver is new to me; I have one site live using it right now (a single page site) and it all went very well; I was rather excited about redesigning my other FrontPage sites, until I lost my template (index.html), twice.  I used my own CSS design for my live, one page site, and it worked like a charm.


            I mention the CSS because while attempting to find a reason and resolution, I am being led to believe it may be a CSS/HTML template, taken from Dreamweaver, which is causing the problem.


            This site: http://www.ipvac.com/kb/entry/146/ suggested that I delete the "users" Dreamweaver cache, which I've done.  I also plan to use my own CSS design, rather than one of the built-in templates.


            I haven't attempted to rebuild the lost index.html yet; I was hoping someone would know the reason and resolution, so I wouldn't become overly exasperated with something I have waited so long to use ... Dreamweaver!


            Thank you again.