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    importing dynamic xml into flash

    shurleynova Level 1
      OK I have an aspx page that creates an xml document as a string is there anyway to load this string into Flash as an XML?

      Let me try to explain a little more in depth:

      the Flash right now reads from a flat XML file that is generated manually and placed on the server with the swf file. Flash reads the file and parses the information. The porblem I have is that I want no two user experiences to be the same so I want to be able to generate the XML dynamically using an ASPX page. The ASPX page generates the XML file and then passes the information along a string. Is there anyway for Flash to get this data?

      I could have the ASPX generate the XML and deposit it on the server with the name of the XML that Flash is already looking for but my fear is that if by some changce two people try to access the file at the same time there might be a sharing conflict if one user is loading the XML and the other has now activated a control to generate a new XML.

      I am kind of lost as to how to do this any input is appreciated