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    Need guidance for horizontal scrolling images...


      Hi there,
      I have a client who wants a home page similar to the way this one operates:


      It contains 10 images that are on a steady horizontal scroll that repeats. The images seem to be at about 50% opacity and they increase to 100% upon rollover. The images don't need to link to different pages. The way this one works would be fine, just all leading to another gallery page that gives more info.

      Can anyone give me some direction as to how I can achieve this type of look thru Flash? I have done some browsing online but most tutorials I've found are more like viewers where the user has arrows to scroll forward and back. This one is different, just sort of operates on its own....like walking by and window shopping for my client's products.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me. I am eager to learn more about what I can do with Flash as I know it will enable me to expand my design services for future clients.