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    xml file not getting loaded locally...

    megharajdeepak Level 1


      I have created a project and it uses an xml file which I have used in assets folder within the src of the project(The project was created in D:\C Drive\Documents\SAP UX\go_green\wasl_DB\bin-debug). The url path which I have used in HTTPService is :


      <mx:HTTPService id="srv" url="assets/datafile.xml" result="srvResultHandler(event)" fault="srvFaultHandler(event)"/>


      This works fine when I run it through flex, i.e, it gets into srvResultHandler result function. But when I moved the bin-debug folder to some other drive and to some other folder, and when i tried opening the swf file, it fails. It is getting into srvFaultHandler fault function, where I have given a alert message, "Error reading xml file.".


      Can someone please let me know where am I going wrong??? I don't want to run this in any server, I want this to run in 3 desktops locally always.......


      Please help,....