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    Improperly Indexed Footage/Timecode Problem

    Brendan Prost

      Hey everyone,

      Recently I deleted all the temporary render files in my premiere pro  media cache folder to free up space on my mac hard drive. This  unfortunate action somehow prevented me from opening my premiere project  file. I have wiped my entire drive and reinstalled the creative suite  to try and get it open, and now I am able to get my project file open,  but everything has been somehow corrupted.


      So here's my problem... I believe that the premiere  is unable to read the footage file's timecode because all my edits are  out of sync, both the audio and the video. The sequences are all still  put together properly, every shot and every audio clip is the right  length and in the right place, but it's drawing the source from the  wrong point on the captured tape. So to illustrate, as I play a  sequence, not only is it playing audio from earlier or later on the tape  than the point I specified, but the video is coming from the wrong  point as well. The audio and video are not even from the same incorrect  place on the tape! I've examined the footage in the source monitor and  have discovered that although the audio and video are initially in sync,  they slip out of sync as the clip goes along. I assume this is part of  the problem, and it's one I've read about, but it isn't manifesting in  the timeline in any way I am familiar with.


      I have tried importing the footage in a new project  file and have had the same problem. I have tried selecting "replace  footage" in my initial project file to no avail. I have also tried  opening various older versions and backups of my project and have had  the same problem. The issue is clearly with the captured footage and  premiere's ability to properly index it. When I deleted the render  files, I must have deleted something that premiere creates when you  capture footage that it needs to getting everything to sync up.


      Can anyone think of a way I can get my project working properly  again? Any help would be much appreciated.


      My specs: I'm operating Premiere Pro CS4 on my  Macbook Pro running OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard with 4 GB of RAM. My footage  is all 1440x1080p at 24fps in mpeg format. The mpeg file plays fine  outside of premiere.