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    email screen print?

      Is there a way to have an email automatically generated of a screen print? or have a list of what cards the person selected in order? here is the link to what I am talking about http://www.depthwork.com/cards/HTML/cards2.html The person goes through a selection of cards and the results come up in the end....I would like their results sent to the owner of the website along with their email address. Is this possible? I will send the code that GWD so graciously helped me with a while back for anyone willing to take on this challenge. I know this is way over my head even though in the beginning it didnt seem that way. Thank you for any help in advance.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Hey mkbanister, thanks for the glowing comments!

          Just a quick note to others... here's some background information that I already provided to mkbanister:

          There is no way that flash can (by itself) send you an email. It is possible to use the getURL command with a mailto: link to launch an email client send message window - there are others who have asked how to do this on the flash forum and I've answered it a couple of times so this should be available via search, if not ask away on the forum again and I (or someone else) will answer for sure -but that approach is a) unreliable because for someone who uses gmail - for example - and not Outlook express or whatever it won't work and b) people may not want to send you the email.

          The best way is probably to use a scripting language on your web server (PHP, ASP, CFM etc) and a database. So using this approach, flash would at the end do a LoadVars.sendAndLoad to tell the server what was selected and the server script would either send you an email or save it in a database. But if you're not familiar with that its going to be a reasonable learning curve to do it - not intended to be discouraging - just to let you know.
          I'm still learning that side of things. I can make flash talk to PHP but I'm not so familiar with making PHP talk to the database yet.
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            mkbanister Level 1
            Yikes........I may have to rethink this whole thing............the site is no good if we cant capture the result so the owner of the site can look at it.

            Is there a way to write a script or something that will screen print and send????

            Help PLEASE. I dont want to have to recreate the whole thing in a different format.
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              mkbanister Level 1
              GWD.....I know your busy so I am hoping someone else will find this a fun challenge. Thanks again for all the help on getting this off the ground.

              Anyone out there that can take on this challenge?????????????