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      With the camera (Sanyo Xacti) I bought last summer I had to buy a new computer to keep editing as well. I looked at the Premiere Elements system requirements and after looking at my funds decided to go for a Dell Inspiron, Dual Core 2Ghz, 3 GB Ram, shared memory graphics.

      Should be doing the job, right?


      Now, after trying the demo, which was a hassle already, as it didn't support the video format I decided to give PE a try, spend the (very little) money I had on the full version.


      Now I can barely play the footage I have, editing is more a guessing game then a fluid work flow. I hope that things are on the beat, don't know though cause the preview can't play back even the simplest tasks (additive transitions, slow mo, fade to black), and as soon as i render the preview i can't see anything on the preview screen anymore.

      Now I decided to just give up on HD, took all the raw edited footage and rendered it into a standard avi 720/480 so that i have some workflow again.

      Tried yesterday, seemed to run way smoother (could've had the same quality from miniDV and my five year old Laptop though).

      Today I try to open it again, doesn't work. Looked around here, replaced .dlls, checked whether my graphics driver is up to date. Didn't work. Reinstalled the program. Now it's even worse, can't start new projects, can't open the old ones - tells me that i cannot open files created with premiere pro. which i don't have. did everything with pe8!


      So as of now I am incredibly frustrated. Maybe there is an easy way to fix that, but so far I feel like I have wasted many hours and (for me) quite a bit of money on a program that doesn't work...

      Anyways, if anyone has an idea please let me know, Thinking seriously about buying Mac by now. Not that I'd have the money...




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most people who are successfully editing AVCHD video are using quad core computers with 4 gigs of RAM -- so you may still be quite a bit too underpowered to work with video from this camcorer, Svenston. Also, you don't say which operating system you're using but, if you're using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, there are a number of known problems with the operating system's drivers which may or may not get worked out as the OS evolves. And, of course, the version of Premiere Elements you're using can make a difference.


          However, it is still very important that your Premiere Elements project preset match the camcorder and format of your incoming video. And don't forget to render regularly (pressing the Enter key) so that the red line above your clips on your timeline turns green.


          Switching to a Mac can resolve some of these issues. Final Cut uses a proxy codec for editing AVCHD so that process runs very smoothly. However, you pay for it on the back end because Final Cut can take forever to render your final video for output.


          Meantime, if you're really unhappy with the product, I urge you to contact Adobe by clicking on the Contact button at the very top of this web page.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Svenston wrote:

            I feel like I have wasted many hours and (for me) quite a bit of money on a program that doesn't work...

            Keep a careful watch on dates. You only have thirty days, from date of purchase, to return PRE for a full refund.


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