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    Printing from Explorer context menu prints in wrong scale




      I have a problem with a customer; when they right-click a PDF file and choose "Print" from Explorer context menu the actual printout is sometimes printed in the wrong scale, ie it looks zoomed. The same problem exists when printing PDF's from other applications as well, for example Outlook. If they print the same PDF one more time (by right-click-printing) the problem may resolve itself. Sometimes it's enough to print twice, other times they need to do it more times. The problem exists in several computers, which is why i want it to be a problem with some default-settings in Adobe Reader.


      What might cause this behavior ?

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          KristofferLindahl Level 1

          So, 4 years have passed, and one would hope the problem solved itself in some update the last 4 years.


          However, it has not. (Well, actually it was fixed for a short while. Then it broke again:()


          I do have some fresh information that can help you devs at Adobe to maybe get closer to a solution.

          Just before christmas (nov 22) i was doing a new attempt to solve the problem.


          At the time Reader XI had been released, but not yet installed at the client. Crossing my fingers and praying to higher powers i downloaded XI and gave it a shot; and the problem actually went away! My theory was that finally some architectual change had been implemented; or parts of Reader had been rewritten for any reason. Anyhow, the problem was gone after nearly 4 years and both me and the client was happy!


          Today the client called again. The PDF-printouts are zoomed again. Worse than ever. Now, EVERY PDF that's printed was getting zoomed (if printed from another program.). When printing, Reader flashes by the screen; so i guess the app does something like "adobe.exe /print %temp%\whatever.pdf" or however it works.


          I immediately suspected that an update had been installed and broke the Reader again. This was the case. 11.0.06 had been auto-installed last week. After searching adobe site for 30 minutes i finally found the downloads required to get 11.0.05 installed and running again. *poof* problem gone. Every print is good.




          11.0.05 does not contain the bug that makes most printouts zoomed. (WORKS)

          11.0.06 contains the bug again. (DOES NOT WORK)


          So, whatever changes are in that update broke the Reader for the client again.


          ADOBE: Hope this gets u closer to a solution!

          PEOPLE: If you are experiencing the same problem as my client, please try my solution. It just might help you.


          ps. oh, and where u download older versions from adobe.com is



          Install order:

          - 11.0.01                AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip

          - 11.0.04 patch      AdbeRdrUpd11004_MUI.msp

          - 11.0.05 patch      AdbeRdrSecUpd11005.msp


          Im not sure if installing Multilanguage/All Languages makes a difference.