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    Deploying main swf

      So, I´m just starting with flex - > awesome! :)

      After a few local tests, i decided to deploy it on the web and test performance, response time, and so on...
      The problem is that when the browser loads the main swf, it shows a warning:

      Line number: 4
      Character: 213
      Error: "Constante de cadena sin terminar" - > something about a constant without end
      URL: http://es.geocities.com/ing_carlos_marin/test.html

      I've donde serveral tests so far, right now i'm stuck.
      What does this mean?
      I'm uploading the entire bin folder to the site.
      What am i missing here?

      you can see it here: http://es.geocities.com/ing_carlos_marin/test.html

      Thanks in advance!