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    Stylesheet Formatting Has "Disconnected"


      Hoepfully, I can describe this rather annoying issue clearly in order to garner the apt solution:


      • I copy and paste html code from a page in Dreamweaver, into a web based aplication which then applies the page to a web site
      • I do this because it is easier fro me to use Dreamweaver to make changes to the HTML [using the design screen]


      Having made some minor changes to a table and added a simple graphic, I then copy the html and paste into the web application.


      I then discover that the live page renders all the formatting incorrectly and it would appear has become disconnected from the site's style sheet.


      NO CHANGES have been made to the stylesheet nor its link connection [on the page].


      I cant imagine that I am the only one this has happened to and perhaps it is a quike of html!


      Can someone kindly proffer any potential diagnosis and naturally resolution ?



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          370H55V Level 4

          Unless you specify the "style" for text you want rendered with a particular style, DW

          will treat it as "unstyled text" and it will simply show as plain old unformatted characters.


          Example:  <p> <span class="brightblue">Sample text here</span></p> would look like:


          Sample text here




          <p>Sample text here</p> which simply looks like:


          Sample text here


          Having the style sheet and linking to it are two of the three parts. For things you want "styled" you need to tell the HTML which style to use for each element.

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            woolfcom Level 1

            As I thought my explanation was not good enough.....I'll try a different tack



            • I copied a page from a pre-written site [turnkey project]
            • the styles were already in situ and correctly applying
            • the style apply to a set of php includes
            • In order to make some additions to that page; the site provides an html editor, where the html/code can be edited
            • also, the code can be copied and edited in an IDE such as my Dreamweaver.


            that being the basis:


            1. I copied the page [html] to a local file
            2. added a couple of tables and a graphic - which I had been doing on several other pages from the same site without issue
            3. I then copied the code from the local file and pasted this back into the site file structure - it was at this point I discovered that the styles had been effectively thrown out! I had not made any other changes to the code.


            Insofar that I reckon retracing my steps mught help obtain a solution.




            • what action might have caused the styles to disconnect in the first instance?
            • what would cause such a disconnect?