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    Help pls! (Duplicating issue)


      I have problems in my flash project. I cant duplicete some pictures or "group items" , when I copy/paste them and when I start to edit that one that I copyed it automacly edit the original version... what do to any idea?

      I cant duplicate this object on picture ( http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/7820/flashl.png )... what ever I do..it always start to change the oroginal object...

      Pls help, give me some advices..or link for some tutorials.. TNX

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          phys1cxXx Level 1

          Pls help!!!!!!!

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When you take an object from the library and edit it, you are editing all instances of that object.  In order to edit one without changing another, you need to duplicate it in the library and use the duplicate to make changes.  If the duplicate shares other library symbols that the original also uses, then editing those shared symbols will also change in both.


            This will probably not apply in your case, but the only way to change an object that has several instances of itself without changing every instance is to do it using actionscript while the file is running.  But these changes can only be done for certain aspects of the objects, such as dimensions or appearance changes.  The original object in the library does not change, but the aspects of it that do, generally require that the objects it is made up of that cab change have to be nameable object that code can target.

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              phys1cxXx Level 1

              Tnx for help, I tought that was solution(to rename names of items in libery)...

              but problem si I cant find all itmes that am using in my object(because my libery has more then 1000 items...so its hard tog et them all). Is there any fast fay to locate the selected item (on your left side of program) in your libery...without checking all items one by one for the one I need(in libery)?

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am not sure I understand your question, but if I do...  When you doubleclick an object on the stage, you open it up for editing, so you can edit it right there without having to open it up from the library.  If you prefer not to edit it that way, then you can still find the library name of that the object in the top border that surrounds the stage... see the image below...



                In the image above I have the graphic "d" opened for editing on the stage.  I know it is that particluar graphic because it is named in the top frame of the stage as the red line shows.

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                  phys1cxXx Level 1

                  Look at the picture:



                  I have two sctip (object) ..one of them is scripte 137 and the other one is MATERIJALI (duplicated), as u can see I renamed the duplicated one to new neme and I also put it in new folder (on right side in libery). But thay are still somehow "CONNECTED", if i edit or move something on one of them that will automacly update on the other one... Thats my only problem...I cant saparate them...

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Based on what you show in that image, the stage naming is telling me that one of the objects lives inside the other.  I don't want to guess or ask why.


                    I doubt I can explain it any better than I have already--when things are shared by movieclips, changing the shared things will chage them in all objects that share them.  Your best bet will be to create individual movies from scratch until you learn how things work when it comes to duplicating things.

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                      Harry Kunz Level 4

                      Every MovieClip residing in the library is actually a Class or Blueprint. Whenever you convert a shape or graphic into a MovieClip, you are creating a class. Dragging an item to the stage from the library creates an Instance of that class. If you edit one of the instances, you are editing its corresponding class. If for example you select 2 movieclips and convert them into another MovieClip. You are creating a parent movieclip (another class) with 2 nested movieclips. Duplicating the parent will only make it possible for you to add shapes or other movieclips in the same level as the 2 nested movieclips. That means that if you edit one of the nested movieclip you are still changing the class of that nested movieclip. The only way you can solve this problem is to duplicate each of the nested movieclips, including the deeper nested movieclips, depending how deep a nesting layer you attempt to edit. You have no other choice but to duplicate each nested movieclip. FYI, you can add folders in your library to organize your items so you won't have to fumble for "lost" items. It is good practice too to organize your library, that will save you from alot of hair loss. In CS4 you have the option to find the MovieClip in your library by right clicking on the MovieClip on the stage and picking "Show in Library". There is no direct way in CS3 but you can still see its location in the library by choosing "Swap Symbol" after right-clicking.