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    server/browser requirements for WebHelp output files

      What are the UNIX server and browser requirements in order to display a WebHelp project output file correctly?

      When I generate the primary layout, I am not selecting 508 format, and I select Java Applet as the preferred method for the Navigation Pane (checking the radio button for DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML as the order of preference.

      When viewing the help project on the UNIX server through Mozilla, the page appears to load and reload, load and reload. Sometims pressing Esc. stops it and you can view the TOC and content pane. The way around this is to generate Pure HTML only, but then the index and the glossary become very difficult to use.

      Robohelp Webhelp descriptions claim to work on all platforms and in all browser types. What requirement are we missing on our UNIX server so the project can display correctly?

      Thanks in advance for your time and trouble. :-)