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    FLA for Presenter

    sean@realeyes.com Level 1
      Has anyone ever gotten this from Adobe? Does anyone else think they should give it out?
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          They're not going to - if you modify the underlying code, you may change the functionality, thus preventing them from being able to supply any sort of tech support to your students.

          I do wish they'd put out a developer's package which explains how to develop applications in Flash that directly talk to the Breeze server (thus bypassing the PowerPoint step, but retaining the LMS functionality), which is all I'd want from the FLA.... But its MacroDobe - whadda expect?

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            From what our office can tell, and my own experience talking to tech support, they do not give it out. We really wish they would, because it would make our lives a lot easier. We would really like to get rid of the Adobe Presentation loading screen. We may discontinue using it for that reason alone; clients don't want it stating Adobe as their customers view the product.
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              asm0d Level 1
              Well, you can make your own viewer.swf, which loads in the slides in the same manner as the provided viewer. You covert your presentation using Presenter, and just replace theirs with yours. You're just loading in small swf files which represent the original slides. You can even add the XML parsing code to use the same config files the original one uses. Of course, if you need to capture LMS data, you'll also need to add a little SCORM code so it can talk with the server. In most cases, however, just a simple viewer with load / play controls will work if you you really want to ditch the loading screen.
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                tadamsTex Level 1
                Here is another vote (not that Adobe is a democracy) for access to the FLA file. It would be a *huge* benefit to our organization.