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    Using an armature from swc




      I have build an armature in Flash CS4, and exporting it in a swc. All works fine when building the swf from the Flash IDE, but I cannot use seem to be able to use it in Flash Builder. When tracing (IKManager.numArmatures) I keep getting 0.


      I have set the armature to runtime, and remembered to listen for the FRAME_CONSTRUCTED event. Since the same code will run in Flash, and not in Flash Builder, I thought there might be known issue with this, or something I am forgetting?

      Below is a simplified version of the code:

      package {


           import fl.ik.*;

           import flash.display.*;

           import flash.events.*;


           public class Rig extends MovieClip {


                public function Rig() {

                     addEventListener(Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED, bodyReady);



                private function bodyReady(e:Event):void {

                     removeEventListener(Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED, bodyReady);



                     var tree:IKArmature=IKManager.getArmatureAt(0);