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    Multi-camera playback - timelime cursor not moving

    Peter J Kovacs Level 2

      When I play video in the multi-camera window, the timeline cursor doesn't move.However, if I switch to the program monitor window and play video, the timeline cursor moves.


      This is an important feature because sometimes I don't want a cut to last too long and I need to use the timeline cursor for visual cues, etc.


      This is something I noticed in every version of Premiere I used.


      Any ides/suggestions?



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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          When you playback via the multcam monictor, the timeline CTI and program monitor do not update.   Because (I suspect) playing back 4 streams in the multicam monitor is intensive enough.


          You can however, make very fine edits on the the timeline directly, making rolls, slips, slides, cuts.  You can right click on any clip and change the camera manualy for that clip.

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            PJA Media Level 1

            I have also been searching for an answer for this one. I think its a huge ommission on part of Adobe as having the ability to monitor the timeline as you play the sequence in the multi-camera panel would be of great benefit - especially when re-recording camera changes (you would be able to see upcoming camera changed from the previous edit as the timelne advances in real-time.


            It would be really nice to be able to select which panel is bussed with the timeline sequence.


            Cheers, Paul