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    Actions in InDesign

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      I'm sure this has been discussed before. Is there a reason why InDesign doesn't allow users to record actions like in Photoshop? I understand that scripting gives some users (those with the programming ability) a whole range of possibilities for making InDesign more flexible and efficient, but there are a lot us who haven't the know-how to script and just want to be able to create macros to do monotonously repetitive tasks.  An "action" recorder would be so handy for something like that. I use Photoshop actions constantly because as a production artist so much of my work is repetitive. Once I develop a system, I condense it down into actions and just run those when I need something done in Photoshop. But I mostly work in InDesign. Every time I have to repeat a series of steps in my layout or in my production, I growl over the lack of an action recorder. Why can't InDesign work that way? Is there such a huge difference between Photoshop and InDesign's infrastructure that simple macros won't work in ID?

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          Why indeed. Even poorly designed Word can 'record' macro's, which can be played back as-is, or opened and edited as the VB script it really is.

          Not every operation lends itself to recording, but they seem to manage it with Illustrator and Photoshop.


          I filled out an Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form for this some time ago, but feel free to add your vote.

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            I came upon this post and, while not in the same context of the above thread (though relaitng becasue of an expected automated feature), I am in the position to require image object height/width properties from InDesign as an XML export from InDesign to straight HTML. It's not the best process - I know, but a situation where I have no leverage. I have no support to accomplish this requirement.

            I can get all the text and table content out appropriately tagged, but the images  - though tagged - lack the height/width properties. I can see them as data in the property menus, but could you point me in the right direction to proceed to get this data available to insert in my basic HTML code? I am finishing up a basic JavaScript course and am going to follow the entire sequence. If scripting this is the best option, at least it will help me to not look at XMP or other processes which might not serve my purpose.

            or, does adobe alreay have an answer?

            Thank you in advance for ANY assistance you might be able to provide.