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    saving data to a server

    RosieGp Level 1

      I have a a text area input, a filename text input and Save button, Now when the user hits save the file is saved on server but the problem is I don't want the url to appear and show me the data as it is doing now. I just want a Saved Sucessfully message to pop up.... How to get rid of URL...

      Here's my code:




      function sendViaGet(type:String):void{






      if (fileName.text == ""){ Alert.show("Enter the File Name", "Error");








      var args:URLVariables = new URLVariables();



      var urlString:String = 'http://flexcf.com/tutorial/18/report.cfm';



      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(urlString) ;

      args.textTest = textTest.text;

      args.fileName = fileName.text;



      args.type = type;

      url.method =




      url.data = args;

      url.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;



      "Saved Sucessfully");



      //navigateToURL(url, '_blank');







      id="textTest" />






      text="File Name: "/>




      <mx:TextInput id="fileName"/>




      <mx:Button label="Save"click="sendViaGet('HTML')"/>


      my report.cfm:

      <cfif structKeyExists(form,"textTest") >
                  <cffile action="write"



      if i comment navigate to URL it does not save the file. ANy help s appreciated....