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    TextArea has no selectable property?!!!

      I've been evaluating Flex Builder 2 for a few days and am impressed and frustrated. I'm attempting to build a very simple application. Here are some requirements:
      1) Each line of text in TextArea_A describes a line of text in TextArea_B
      2) TextArea_A should not be selectable or editable.
      3) TextArea_A should not show scrollbars.
      4) Scrolling TextArea_B causes TextArea_A to scroll, keeping lines of text in TextArea_A perfectly aligned with the lines of text in TextArea_B, which they describe.

      Problems I've encountered:
      1) TextArea_A renders 1 line of text less than TextArea_B, unless I enable the vertical scrollbar
      2) Cannot nudge components as documentation describes. I tried to nudge TextArea_A partially behind TextArea_B to hide the scrollbar since I didn't want it to be visible yet I needed both TextArea's to show the same number of lines of text when they were filled.
      3) Most importantly, I cannot make TextArea's unselectable.

      Surely, I'm just on the low end of the learning curve and these problems are solvable. Would someone help me?