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    XML Preloader

      Hey all,
      I'm assuming for a preloader for XML I would use the standard onEnterFrame function with getBytesLoaded/getBytesTotal. What are the requirements for the said XML preloader? Do I have to have all of my XML reliant code on that keyframe in the beginning of the movie? Is there a way to make two preloaders, one set up as the regular movie preloader and one set as the XML loader?
      Oh, and will the preloader just load the XML file or will it also load the images specified by that file?

      - TK
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          rfkrocktk Level 1
          Oh and by the way, here is the link to my file:
          All of the main XML stuff is on frame 3, and I have regular preloading stuff on frame 1.
          Please help me out if you can, I can't seem to figure this out. When I test movie after telling flash to load the XML, nothing happens, it stays at frame 1.
          Any of your help would be so very much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

          - TK